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FC100 is a macroporous poly (styrene sulfonate) cation exchange resin with excellent resistance to both osmotic and thermal shock. Its special sponge-like structure permits higher rates of diffusion of most cations including those of heavy metals and amines and also positively charged organics of higher molecular weight, and facilitates their removal on regeneration. These properties of physical robustness, good regenerability, and fast kinetics of exchange make it ideal for a range of applications.

otal Capacity (min.) (mmol/ml) :                      1.80 (Na+ form)
Moisture Retention (%) :                                  45-55 (Na+ form)
Particle Size Range (%) :                                  0.315-1.25mm ≥ 95
Uniformity Coefficient (max.) :                         1.60
Reversible Swelling, Na+ → H+ (max.) :          5-8 %
Specific Gravity (g/ml) :                                    1.25-1.28
Shipping Weight (approx.)(g/l) :                       0.75- 0.85
Temperature Limit :                         120°C (250°F)    100°C (H+ Form)

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