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FA301 is an extremely durable macroporous weak base anion exchange resin characterized by tertiary amine groups attached to a styrene divinylbenzene copolymer matrix. It has a unique physical structure which gives it superior kinetics and greater resistance to osmotic shock than gel type weak base anion exchangers. FA301 yields exceptionally high operating capacity on caustic soda regeneration and has low rinse requirements. It has a higher resistance to organic matter than gel type anion exchangers. FA301 is supplied as moist spherical beads in free base form, ready to use. FA301 removes free mineral acid ions like chloride, sulphate, nitrate etc. but will not remove weak acid ions like silica and carbon dioxide. FA301 placed preceding a strong base anion exchanger also serves to protect it from organic fouling.

Total Capacity (min.) (mmol/ml) :                      1.45 (Na+ form)
Moisture Retention (%) :                                        48-58 (Na+ form)
Particle Size Range (%) :                                          0.315-1.25mm ≥ 95
Uniformity Coefficient (max.) :                           1.60
Reversible Swelling, FB → Cl- (max.) :            28 %
Specific Gravity (g/ml) :                                             1.03-1.06
Shipping Weight (approx.)(g/l) :                            0.65- 0.72
Temperature Limit :                                                 60°C (FB Form) 100°C (Cl- Form)

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