- Miniature Heat Exchangers


Small liquid to liquid heat exchangers are often used in laboratories and industrial plants to cool or heat critical liquids. Madden liquid sample coolers are an excellent choice for a heat exchanger for these critical applications. Madden liquid sample coolers are available in two types.

Type 1 sample cooler models have all the piping connections for the sample and the cooling water on the threaded cap on the top of the sample cooler. All coils are 1/4' OD tubing, and all piping connections are 1/4' NPT. Cooling water enters on the left and exits opposite on the right. Sample inlet connection is vertical on the top, and the cooled sample exits from the spout.

Type 2 sample coolers offer both 1/4' and 3/8' OD tubing coils. Sample connections are 1/4 NPTF and are made on the top plate. Cooling water connections are 3/8' NPTF located on both top and bottom plates.

Typically, liquid grab samples can be cooled with 1.3 square foot coil surface area models. for continuous cooling of samples for instrument probes, or for steam samples, 2.6 sf or larger coil surface area is recommended.

Madden sample coolers are inexpensive, compact in size, available from factory stock, and they easily disassemble for cleaning.

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