M.A.E. Advanced Geophysics Instruments

- Model C313SEV - Georesistivimeter for Quadrupole Measurements



Digital Georesistivimeter for Vertical Electric Surveys. Equipment is characterized by maximum resolution and accuracy in geoelectric survey and great functioning rapidity. Once data acquisition is completed, data can be immediately processed with related data processing software. Power is supplied by embedded battery pack and it is managed through a microprocessor able to provide wide autonomy of acquisition. Recording and saving of data takes place on internal Disk or on USB key (supplied). Unit is fully computerized and all operating functions are selected simply by touching menu on transflective color LCD monitor 7 ' with integrated touch screen.

Output current:

  • Automatic Regulation (5 steps)
  • Max. intensity: 5 A at 50V
  • Output Voltages: ±50V, ±100V, ±250V, ±500V, ±800V
  • Max. Power: 250W
  • Input time: can be set from 0,25 sec. (graphic visualization of the wave set)
  • Measure precision: ±0,2μA

Potential measurement:

  • Auto range
  • Max. Full scale: ±25V
  • Input impedance: 2,5 MOHM
  • Network frequency filter: 50 Hz
  • Protection: superior
  • Measure precision: ±1,5μV within the range ±25V
  • Noise reduction: from 2 to 10 measurements (average)
  • Automatic reset or cancellation of the spontaneous potential
  • Accuracy of the resistivity measured: ±0,5%


  • Power supply: 12V DC, provided with 12Ah internal battery or cable with claws provided as standard and connected to 12V external battery.
  • Average absorption: 1.2A
  • Average battery life: 9 hrs
  • Case: polyproprylene copolymer case, automatic equalizing pressure valve, IP42
  • Interfaces available: LAN, USB, VGA
  • Display: LCD 7” with resistive touch-screen
  • Data storage: on internal sd (about 3Gb available), on usb pen drive (provided with the equipment)
  • Data formats: TSV, CSV, DAT
  • Environmental operating conditions: -20/80 °C
  • Dimensions: 49 x 19 x 26.4 cm
  • Main unit weight: 9.6kg
  • Documentation language: Italian, English

Operating software:

  • Operating system: Windows Embedded Standard
  • Language: Italian, English (to be specifically required on the Purchase Order)
  • Problems solving: remote assistance (through LAN network connection), complete restore (by usb pen drive provided with the equipment)
  • Software upgrade: available on line and possible to install by usb port
  • Monitoring: battery status, internal battery, available storage space
  • Data input: virtual on-screen keyboard, real keyboard connected on usb port (opt.)

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