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The majority of cans collected for recycling in both Kerbside and Can-Bank collections are steel. It is therefore necessary to use a magnetic separator capable of efficiently separating the high proportion of steel cans without sacrificing any high value aluminium cans

Magnapower have developed a range of Can Sorting machines which have been designed to provide the most compact and efficient method of sorting for recycling aluminium cans and steel cans. In addition to the range of stand alone can sorting equipment, Magnapower are able to offer a bespoke can plant design and manufacturing service for individual can separation applications. Please enquire for further information on how Magnapower Equipment can help you to recyle mixed cans and maximise your return.

Steel cans are separated for recyling magnetically by the means of a magnetic head pulley or an overband magnet. For applications with a high proportion of steel, we recommend that an overband magnet is used.

  • Fully guarded to meet strict safety requirements
  • Lockable castors are fitted so that the unit can be wheeled into place and secured in position
  • Three phase or single phase supply units available
  • Height limited so that unit can be transported by road
  • Guaranteed non-deteriorating permanent magnet system
  • Wear resistant belting fitted on the conveyor and the overband magnet
  • Heavy duty robust construction designed to meet the demands of a high throughput recycling operation

  • The kerb-side / can bank recycled product often includes larger cans e.g. large size pet food cans.
  • Increased Capacity: Hopper size (up to 1M3)
  • Increased throughput: wider belt width allows throughput to increase up to 3.0 tph.
  • Higher proportion of steel cans can be sorted / recycled: due to the wider magnet (twice the width of standard can sorter) a higher proportion of steel can be extracted by the magnet.
  • Larger size of steel cans can be separated: A permanent magnet system with a deep field is fitted so that it can work at a significantly higher gap allowing larger cans to be passed under it and separated for recycling.

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