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RPC Technologies Pty Ltd

Major Piping Systems


RPC Technologies Pty Ltd manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) pipes and fittings for use in industrial, chemical and water applications where long term corrosion resistance is required to ensure low maintenance dependable operation. FRP reinforced plastic pipe is chemically and structurally engineered with the proper balance of resin and glass to resist a wide range of acids, alkalis and solvents as well as weathering, spillage and corrosive fumes. This excellent combination of corrosion resistance and strength characteristics is achieved through RPC's special 'Laminate Construction', based on years of extensive research and practical applications. RPC produces FRP pipe by both 'filament winding', 'hand lay-up' custom fabrication and/or a combination of filament-wound and hand lay-up to handle a variety of chemicals at temperatures up to 120º C and pressure up to 2500 kPa.

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