- Model S - Small Log Machining Center


Makron Logmatic S has been designed especially for machining glue-laminated and massive squared logs. Thanks to the well-designed features and the price level, Logmatic S is an ideal solution for small and middle-sized log house manufacturers and for new companies in the business. The control system of Logmatic S is very user-friendly and reliable. Transferring the production data, such as log and machining lists, to the machine's control system is very easy and fast.

Production data is transferred electronically to Logmatic S, for example, directly from the company network, or from a USB memory stick. The supply of Logmatic S includes not only the machine and accessories but also the very handy Makron LogHouse design software. Log house frames and walls designed by the LogHouse software can be transferred as complete work files directly to the control system of Makron Logmatic S. The user interface is very clear and easy to learn and use. Alternatively, the design of the log frame can also be done with any commercial CAD design software.

Machining functions of Logmatic S are controlled by the PLC system. Log blanks are precisely positioned for machining by the automated pushing/positioning device. Before the machining starts, the log blank is always locked by pneumatic cylinders. Log identification label can be printed by the Label Printer (option) when processing of the log has been finished. Log labels can be used for identifying the logs at the building site and for printing packing lists if an optional LogPack packing software is used. 

Space requirement:
33 m x 6.5 m (with the above layout and with log length 12 m

Production capacity:
approx. 250–350 linear meters / shift (depending on the complexity of logs)

1–2 persons

Basic features (for square profile logs):

  • Corner notching
  • Drilling
  • End notching
  • Crosscutting at 90° angle

Optional features:

  • Dovetail milling (male + female)
  • Dovetail notching (male + female)
  • Marking for external machining
  • Dovetail notching (male + female) +/-0...45°


Square log profiles:

  • Massive and glue-laminated log blanks
  • Height: 140–300 mm
  • Width: 90–300 mm
  • Length: 1.0–12.1 m
  • Length of a finished log: 0.4–12 m

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