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Model MAL 2150 - Vacuum Trucks & Trailers-Aluminum MAL Series



This large capacity truck is configured to provide drivers a less strenuous means of servicing restrooms by placing the work station and wand, at a lower level for easy access and less lifting. It has a large aluminum split tank that holds 1600 gallons waste/550 fresh.

A quick opening manway is located on the waste tank and a side ladder leads to the top manway for easier inspection, repair or cleaning. A round sight glass on the waste tank and sight tube on the fresh shows the level in each compartment. The catwalks and two cabinets are made of strong 1/8” inch aluminum that will maintain a clean, polished appearance. Each side cabinet has a keyed lock and shelving to provide a dry storage area for supplies. For driver safety, a DOT safety equipment package is provided and includes a flag and reflector, first aid kit and fire extinguisher.

Cabinet Design & Materials:
  • Design: 1/8” Aluminum side panels with one aluminum locking cabinet on each side. Cabinet and side panels are bolt-together construction.
  • Finish: Bright Aluminum
Bumper, Hitch Assembly & Unit Holder
  • Self-supporting
  • Recess-mounted tail, back-up and marker lights
  • Female half of six-pin connector flush mounted
  • Trailer and safety chain hookup
  • Locking pin to hold unit hauler in position
  • Fold up design holds two units
  • License plate holder
Standard Module Features:
  • 36' x 30' x 24' cabinets both sides
  • 1/4” aluminum catwalks and cabinets
  • Round sight glasses waste, sight tube fresh
  • Rubber dock guard on rear of catwalks
  • 20” quick opening manway in waste
  • Ladder to gain access to top manway
  • DOT safety equipment package (flag and reflector, first aid kit, fire extinguisher)
Vacuum System


  • Service hose 30' (others optional)
  • Electronic fast idle system (chassis option)
  • Pump oiling system
  • Primary overflow valve (in-tank design)
  • Secondary check valve (in-line design)
  • Exhaust muffler/Oil catch
  • Vacuum gauge (cabinet mounted)

The service module features a PTO driven vacuum system for pumping waste and a gravity flow chemical system for recharging the restroom with fresh chemical.

Pumping System

  • Standard Pump: Masport HXL4V pump with pressure dump
  • Standard Pump Drive: PTO with torque overload protection
  • Optional Pump: Masport HXL75V pump with pressure dump
Toilet Wash Down System Features
Moro stainless steel (Medium pressure wash down system)
  • 20 Gallon per minute pump 30 PSI with solenoid and pressure switch run by 1 HP Leason motor
  • 100 amp circuit breaker and #4 electric cable
  • 25’ garden hose and sprayer (optional hose reel)
  • Hose hook
Cat High pressure wash down system
  • 1000 PSI 4.7 GPM Piston style pump powered by 1 hp Leason motor
  • 100 amp circuit breaker and #4 electric cable
  • 50’ high pressure hose with special spray wand (optional hose reel)

  • Vacuum hose length options
  • Pressure wash systems
  • Dump hose length options
  • Right hand service
  • Three compartment tanks (requires extra lead time)
  • Ford, Freightliner, Sterling, Peterbilt chassis options, (requires extra lead time)

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