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- Open Type Rapid Sand Filter



The Malmberg Open Sand Filter is circular and built of stainless steel. The bottom plate of the filter is made of stainless steel and is fitted with embedded plastic spray nozzles. The filter is dimensioned for backwash, either by air, air/water, or water.

  • The filter consists of an outer shell welded to the bottom plate; in the shell is also the intermediate filter bottom with its nozzles, and the backwash outlet flume installed.
  • The intermediate filter bottom consists of a stainless steel sheet, in which the plastic nozzles are installed. The nozzles prevent the filter media from escaping in the filtered water, and are also a guarantee for an even and controlled backwash of the total filter media.
  • The filter is designed for backwash with air scour, air/water and water.
  • Different filter medias, dosing equipment and aeration accessories can be used to treat the actual raw water the best way.
  • The height of the filters allows for reasonably long detention time, which contributes to the very good performance of the filter.

Capacities are valid for newly backwashed sand filters and are calculated for a filter velocity of 7 m3/m2 and backwash velocity 45 m3/m2.

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