- Mammut Liner Tanker



The vehicles of the type MAMMUT-liner were especially designed for the high requirements of professional users. The tankers in the sizes 18.000l, 24.000l and 27.000l have high dimensioned special axles which are integrated in a hydro pneumatic spring system with automatic level control and an automatic rolling system. The special characteristics are the axle stubs made of special steel and the modified geometry of the axles. Together with an enlarged axle shaft the axle stubs ensure additional loading capacity.

Hydro-pneumatic chassis suspension

The hydro pneumatic wheel suspension for increased comfort and better driving stability in the newly designed BSA Mammut liner series sets new standards. 

Important characteristics of the system:

  • An automatic leveling (for adjusting the chassis optimally to the loading conditions)
  • Axle lift at the front axle to provide raising of respective supporting load during spreading.
  • Locking function in order to block the suspension when required.
  • Automatic roll stabilization via a switch curcuit of the right and left suspension cylinder for more safety when driving on slopes and in curves
  • Automatic error monitoring
  • The hydro pneumatics care for an automatic change in the driving behavior by reducing the compression of the gas at increased loading

Sliding lid

As an option we offer a hydraulically operated sliding lid with a generously dimensioned cutout. This equipment is ideal for filling the tanker via a mike boom. The special construction with press rollers ensures that the sliding lid tightens very well in order to prevent that slurry spills out. 

Wheel pressure control system

A wheel pressure control system offer the possibility to keep the tyre pressure low when spreading slurry on the field. When driving on the street the pressure can be increased again in order to keep the vehicle stable and smoothly running. Furthermore, a higher tyre pressure reduces wearing when driving on the street. In order to adjust the tyre pressure a rotary screw compressor driven by a hydraulic motor is used. Via an operating terminal in the tractor cab the limit values for operation on the field and on the street can be saved and recalled again.

Tanker counting device

For contractors or machines on lease we offer two varieties of counting devices (load counters). You can choose between a mechanic counter mechanism or an electric counter mechanism. The mechanic counter mechanism is operated via an ALB controller. The electronic counter mechanism is absolutely tamper-resistant and additionally offers the function of a resettable counter which counts the daily output (similar to a trip meter in cars).

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