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Mantec Filtration offers a range of tube and disc fine bubble diffusers available in ceramic or EPDM materials. This data sheet provides details of the EPDM membrane tube diffusers. In the manufacture of the diffusers, special attention is devoted to the quality of the EPDM membrane a decisive factor for both the life and the economics of aeration systems. Up-to-date technology ensures super-fine membrane slits and the diffusers are suited to intermittent aeration.

  • 1 set of diffusers with an effective aeration length of 2 x 500mm
  • 1 set of diffusers with an effective aeration length of 2 x 750mm
  • 1 set of diffusers with an effective aeration length of 2 x 1000mm

Membrane Tube Diffusers are also available in individual lengths as required.

Membrane tube diffusers are normally mounted to the aeration grid in pairs. Fixing adaptors for rectangular or round pipe can also be supplied. The air from aeration grid passes through the fixings and into the distribution chambers of the membrane tube diffusers. It flows beneath the membrane tube via air ducts and an air cushion is formed between the PVC support and the EPDM membrane. This causes the membrane perforations to open, allowing air to stream into the waste water in the form of fine bubbles.

The Diagram to the right shows a typical fixing system for square or rectangular hollow section. The diffusers are connected, one either side of the hollow section.

The Performance Data of the EPDM Membrane Disc Diffusers can be found in the graphs below. Please note that this information is provided for guidance purposes only.

Measurements were taken under standard conditions according ATV M209 (clean water, water depth = 4,0 m, average density of aerators 0,9—1,2 mdiff I m2).

  • Standard: 6-8 Nm3 / hr (per mdiff)
  • Max.: 12 Nm3 / hr (per mdiff) for continuous running (for a few minutes up to 18 Nm3/hr (per mdiff)
  • Min.: 2 Nm3 / hr (per mdiff)

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