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Manufacture of plastic tanks in high-density polyethylene (PEHD) or polypropylene (PPH). High-performance resources: For its manufacturing, Stockage & Systèmes, works with cutting edge composite technologies from test laboratories and semi-automated tools. Equipment is calibrated regularly, a guarantee of perfection and precision. The quality commitment: Stockage & Systèmes monitors tank manufacture to make sure it complies with strict quality procedures in place, as well as environmental protection rules. Stockage & Systèmes tanks are in most cases dimensioned according to the usual standards or directives in force (NF EN 12573-2, NF EN 1778).


Total homogeneity

Tanks are manufactured using the latest rolling extrusion techniques. Extruded at 240°C in the form of a continuous band, the material is rolled around a mandrel with no discontinuity from start to finish of the collar. The automaton commands the setting of the extrusion head opening, and makes it possible to extrude in a continuous “pour” with a reduction or increase in thickness of the band extruded.

This exclusive process eliminates the risk of oxidation between layers and gives the color a better thickness control and total homogeneity
Process advantages

  • Ensures total homogeneity: monoblock tanks
  • Eliminates the risk of oxidation between layers
  • Gives the collar a better thickness control
  • Enables the storage of most corrosive liquids, even the most dense (walls up to 75mm thick)
  • Complies with regulations in force

15 mandrels for 15 diameters :

15 different diameters for a solution adapted to each dimensional imperative. Diameters given are for the rolling mandrels and correspond to internal tank diameters.


Economical multi-purpose storage
Transformation by mechanical process, plate preparation on a digital cutting machine. Shaping is performed by arching and hot polyfusion assembly.

Process advantages

  • Adapted to any type of tank diameter to meet available footprint requirements
  • Enables storage of most corrosive liquids, including high density, low volume liquids
  • Uses the simplest and most economical process, e.g., for manufacturing double-jacket retentions, gas scrubbing towers, or all sorts of special parts
  • Optimized dimensions and therefore costs for highway transport
  • Complies with regulations in force

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