- Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)



Recent years have witnessed a steady increase in the requirements relating to wastewater treatment. In addition to adherence to conventional parameters, increasingly frequent demands are being made regarding the hygiene of the purified water and the greatest possible reduction in organic loads.

The MBRs (membrane bioreactors) are the latest systems to become available and are characterised by sterile outflow and the enhanced degradation of many trace substances. Therefore, membrane technology is often selected as a response to the general rise in cleaning performance requirements.

Membrane filtration can be employed in both the municipal and industrial wastewater treatment areas and is also regarded as a key technology for water reuse. Stable and reliable membrane filtration operation can be achieved through specific pre-treatment and an adapted operational mode.

MARAPUR – MBR plants from WABAG – are characterised by a concept that provides optimised energy consumption and maximised membrane life. The company numbers among the leaders in this technological area and provides ideal solutions for every situation by means of a diversity of solutions. WABAG’s long-term experience with the operation of large-scale MBR plants is continually being updated with further developments, which include the optimisation of pre-treatment systems (MICROPUR®).

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