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- Model Flex-O - Wash Parts Washer



Control & lower operating costs. Increase productivity & lower parts cleaning costs. Work with crystal clean solvent every day. Reduce usage of waste recovery services. Variety of different solvents can be used. Built to industrial specifications. True Stainless steel sink. Use the solvent of your choice. Approved for use with SCAQMD Non-VOC solvents. PLC controlled for simple operation.

Maratek FLW-II is a true industrial parts washer with built-in solvent recyclers. Independent of the type of solvent you use, the FLW-II will provide professional parts cleaning capabilities with the advantage of continuously working with pure clean solvent. Operators can clean parts with clean solvent all the time, since as soon as solvent becomes dirty, the operator can send the dirty solvent to be distilled and bring up clean fresh solvent for cleaning purposes from a base holding tank filled with clean solvent. The dirty solvent that was sent to the still is purified of oils and greases, and directed to the clean solvent holding tank.

Many specific options are available on the FLW-II models, tailored to meet your requirements and make these units integrate as seamlessly as possible into your production process. Options include FLW-II Satellite units that can be configured to work with a central solvent recycling unit. Contact Maratek to discuss your specific needs or for more details and equipment specifications.

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