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- Check Bin Grader System



Hopper scale in every batch bin. Intelligent batching software - run on a M3000 main computer. Constant monitoring of the batch weights. Easy access for cleaning. Stainless steel load cells. Each bin contains a buffer to minimize gate blockage. With less reject-and-rework, the throughput can be increased by 4-7%.

  • One (1) inclined feeding conveyor, Marel, L ± 5m
  • One (1) infeed conveyor, Marel, L ± 0,7m
  • One (1) weighing unit, Optiweigher, Marel, type DWU 1450/22

With the following specs :
Belt type Intralox S100 PP FG
Belt size 227mm x 121 links
Electric 3 x 230 VAC
Motor 0,25 kW
Capacity 127 pieces per minute at 50 Hz
Max length of individual pieces  420 mm

With weighing indicator:
Type  M3000-A530
Max  10 kg
Min  0,04 kg
e  2g
One (1) check bin grader, Marel

With the following specs :
Belt type Intralox S1600 FT PP
Belt size 305mm x 9.500 mm
Electric 3 x 230 VAC
Motor 0,75 kW

Gates :
N° of gates on the left side 4
N° of gates on the left side 6
Interested in this equipment?

  • One (1) conveyor, Marel (under the six (6) bins on the right side
  • One (1) twin lane conveyor, Marel, to put the different products on one tray
  • Two (2) roller conveyors (under the four (4) bins on the left side) to put the filled cartons on

Four (4) bins, each 10 liters, with indicators when set weight has reached. You can also see their sliding troughs and the place to put the cartons. The two (2) roller conveyors are also visible.

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