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- Self Propelled Beach Cleaner



The self-propelled BeachTech Marina sets standards when it comes to agility, manoeuvrability and quietness. Thanks to articulated front-wheel drive and connectible active rear-wheel drive, it has a sensationally small turning circle. With a powerful turbo diesel engine, hydrostatic all-wheel drive and low-pressure tyres, nothing gets in the way of the BeachTech Marina. As the BeachTech Marina can be registered for road travel, you can use it anywhere you like. So much flexibility means the highest cost-effectiveness.

Overall length  5,785 mm
Width  1,770 mm
Height  2,340 mm
Working width  1,400 mm

Net weight  2,500 kg / 5,500 lbs
Payload  1,000 kg / 2,200 lbs
Gross weight limit  3,500 kg / 7,700 lbs

Performance data
max. cleaning performance  15,000 m²/h / 3.5 acres/h
Road legal  yes
Top speed  32 km/h
Working depth  20 cm

Number of cylinders  4
Torque  120 Nm/ 2,000 rpm
Displacement  1,498 cm³
Type  Kubota, turbo diesel
Power  33.0 kW (45 hp)

Front hitch with 3-point mounting (Cat. II required): mowing unit, scraper, blade, road sweeper

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