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A simple and reliable method of dealing with accumulated sewage sludge on vessels and offshore platforms.  FAST is the easy way to deal with sludge. A standard MarineFAST unit meeting MEPC.159(55) or providing secondary treatment incorporates about one (1) month of internal sludge storage. However, if you employ the next sized FAST unit, internal sludge storage can be increased to 3 months, without any additional equipment.

Designed for larger commercial vessels and offshore structures, the MarineFAST systems and the MarineFAST HS-MSD (high strength marine sanitation devices) Systems are completely assembled, wired and tested.  Ships and platforms must be able carry their own potable water supply, with water reuse capabilities, this supply can be utilized more efficiently. Because of this water conservation, certification tests require concentrated sewage.  The majority of sewage in a MarineFAST unit is pretty concentrated and stored appropriately.  The MarineFAST MSD is also designed for the higher hydraulic loading associated with more dilute sewage.

The unique design provides the greatest possible flexibility in locating and installing the system aboard ship. This flexible design offers the ultimate in strength, corrosion resistance and performance. Available in bolt-together modular form for installation aboard existing vessels, such as ferries, off-shore platforms and ore carriers.  For longer periods, the MarineFAST BMS provides an aerobic sludge digester with long-term internal storage. Operation is completely automatic and hands-free.

In the MarineFAST BMS tank, the sludge is completely enclosed in tanks and piping – no need for personnel to come into contact with sewage or sewage sludge!

The MarineFAST BMS Reference Data provides instructions and examples for selecting a system plus dimensions, weights and other data. As a complete BioSolids (sludge) Management System:

  • Reduces sludge volume by 65% compared with other systems.
  • No strainers, filters, membranes or centrifuges – clogging is virtually impossible.
  • Proper operation does not depend upon the skill of the operator.
  • Does not affect the dimensions, weights or operation of the FAST unit.
  • Vents to weather through the FAST unit – no separate vent piping required.

  1. The transfer pump automatically moves the sludge-water mixture from the FAST media tank to the BMS tank.
  2. The sludge is aerobically digested during storage. Because of the long detention time in the digester, the sludge is substantially reduced in mass and volume.
  3. A rising liquid level in the digester shuts off the blower and allows sludge to settle to the bottom of the tank. This permits excess water to be pumped back to the FAST media tank for treatment and legal discharge to the sea.
  4. Alternating aerobic and anoxic states within the digester stabilizes pH, maintaining a healthy culture for efficient digestion of the sludge.
  5. The sludge discharge pump can deliver the concentrated sludge to an OSV, to a larger tank provided by others or to an incinerator, whatever best fits the special requirements of the vessel or platform.
  6. Aeration ensures that the entire contents are mixed, permitting the sludge discharge pump to empty the space efficient flat bottom tank.

Check which effluent requirements you must meet.

  • USCG 33CFR159 Minimum Standards: 150 TSS, 200 fecal, certified by U.S. Coast Guard installed aboard vessels and not subject to effluent sampling in service not required by regulations.
  • MEPC.159(55) – 25 BOD5, 35 TSS, 125 COD, 100 fecal effluent for USCG certified units and recommended for general marine use with 1 months internal sludge storage and dechlorination of effluent. All standard FAST units are also certified under MEPC.227(64).
  • EPA VGP 2013 – Secondary treatment may be required for restricted waters, barges meeting local or harbor regulations, and offshore applications that are subject to state or other regulations. Applications requiring 85% removal, 30 BOD5, 30 TSS secondary treatment and 3 months internal sludge storage.

The LX-Series  This new economical and lightweight modular design is ideal for small commercial vessels. It is strong, corrosion resistant and will fit under the stairway of a tug engine room.

The M- & MX-Series – Modular steel units will handle crews of up to 60 persons and will fit into shaft alleys and other spaces with low headroom and restricted access. The MX are assembled versions of the M-Series, these compact package units are ideal for workboats, dredges, offshore vessels and structures, and other commercial vessels.

The DV-Series – For larger crews, these flexible designs offer the ultimate in strength, corrosion resistance and performance. They are available in bolt-together modular form for installation aboard existing vessels, such as ferries, off-shore platforms and ore carriers.

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