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Pro-Tech Inc

Model MARK 220 - Alarm Informer



Monitors electric power, high and low temperatures, static pressure and water pressure. Outputs can be audible siren, visual flashing light or a telephone dialer. Reports to the operations manager when a critical need arises.

Six Status indicators:

  • Armed / Disarmed
  • AC Power
  • 1 Zone of Normally Closed contacts
  • 1 Zone of Normally Open contacts
  • Alarm status
  • Low AC power

Two switches for

  • ON or OFF
  • Weather and corrosion resistant enclosure.
  • 12 volt battery furnished.
  • Monitors low AC line power.

Key Benefits

  • Customize your alarm to maximize your building. Any reasonable number of Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) contacts can be monitored.
  • Many sensors available. Environmental controller failure, high temperature, low temperature, low water pressure, thermal stress (SUFFOCATION Index), static pressure, water consumption, out of feed or feed spills, fuses and breakers are easily monitored.
  • User friendly. The lights quickly identify the status or the problems.
  • Low maintenance. Built in resistance to lightning.
  • Stand alone. It can be used alone or interconnected with a Z 28D Alarm.
  • Add a DD-3PTI digital dialer for remote monitoring.

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