- Model ACTIVA 7345S MCS - Combine



The MT element is the ideal answer to the problems of modern agriculture in which maximum effi ciency must be combined with minimum cost. Among the special technical characteristi cs of the MT is the allrollermovement, which off ers excellent performance in any soil conditi ons: ti lled (traditi onal seeding), minimum ti llage, or the presence of residue from rpevious crops. The MT off ers a numebr of advantages with respect to traditi onal planti ng machines: these include superior speed and, thanks to the dual levelling wheels, a constant planti ng depth which ensures that the plants emerge at exactly the same height.

Medium to large farmers often have a variety crops to combine and each machine needs to offer the best selection of settings to get the output required whilst maintaining a good clean sample.

Surveys show that the operators of these machines need practical solutions to do this and therefore value simplicity and comfort.
Drawing on 50 years' experience in the design and manufacture of harvesting machinery, these combines are capable of handling the most demanding harvests.

MF ACTIVA S combines are built to the high standards you would expect of a modern manufacturing plant. Its straightforward practical design gives a mix of technology and functional features that are simple to work with and get the best from, in the field, where time is of the essence.

Low cost of ownership is a critical factor. Every component has been designed and selected for maximum durability and long life.Many of the parts that actually come into contact with the crop benefit from the use of thicker, hard wearing materials. What is more, over 80% of the parts are galvanized and all are painted before assembly. This further enhances the longevity of the machine and maximises resale value.
The harvest doesn't need to be a daunting prospect. Relax and make light work of it with the MF ACTIVA S range.

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