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- Model AQC-C - Autonomous Quality Control (AQCs) Sorting Machine



Max-AI AQCs (for Autonomous Quality Control) are the ultimate in post-sort automation. When combined with NRT optical sorters, the paper and container sorting process is 100% autonomous and the need for human contact with waste is eliminated. The AQC-C is a solution that is comprised of Max-AI VIS (for Visual Identification System) and at least one collaborative robot (CoBot). CoBots can work alongside people, minimizing structural requirements and footprint while improving maintenance access. The AQC-C can be quickly and easily placed into existing Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) with no down time. This advanced technology uses a machine vision system to see the material, specialized artificial intelligence to think and identify each item, and robotic sorters to pick targeted items or contamination. Max-AI AQCs provide MRF operators with sustained and consistent sorting performance while improving safety, recovery, product quality and operational expenses.

  • Can be installed in sort cabins, on narrow walkways and in other tight locations
  • Works alongside people
  • Easily scalable; up to four robotic sorters can be added behind each Max-VIS system
  • Up to four separate sorts from a single unit
  • Consistent and predictable pick rates
  • Dependable & able to work multiple shifts
  • Advanced neural networks can be retrained to identify new materials as waste streams change
  • Captures valuable material composition data with machine vision & artificial intelligence
  • Minimal structural requirements & footprint for easy installation

  • Maximum Conveyor Frame Width 42'
  • Maximum Sorting Belt Width 30'
  • Sorting Range 18' each robot

Standard Structure

  • Installed Length: 9' 4'
  • Installed Width: 7' 0'
  • Installed Height: 6' 8'
  • Installed weight: 1,200 lbs (approx)

  • Model: AQC-C
  • Identifiable Materials: Plastics & metal containers, paper, cardboard, cartons, residue
  • Sorting Speed: Up to 40 picks per minutes per robotic unit (2 arms)
  • Number of Sorts: Up to 4 separate sorts per unit
  • Air Consumption: 40 scfm @ 100psig
  • Required Air Supply: Filtered and Dry Air, Pressure: 100 psig, ISO 8573.1 Class 5.4.2
  • Voltage, VAC 50/60 Hz, Single Phase: 230V
  • Main Circuit Breaker: 20A
  • Full Load Amperage (FLA): 15A
  • Power Consumption @ FLA: 3.5 kW
  • Maximum Object Weight: .5 lbs.
  • Maximum Object Size: 10 inches
  • Maximum Object Height: 6 inches
  • Sorting Conveyor Speed: 100-200 feet/min.
  • Suitable Operating Environment: Indoors only; 35-100°F

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