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MaxiBagger is an optimal solution for organisations with oil preparedness obligations in coastal areas. MaxiBagger enables them to increase their preparedness with reasonable cost and use existing vessels in the operations. MaxiBagger is the larger of the SeaHow detachable side collectors and designed for vessels from 9 metres upwards. With only minor structural and design requirements for the vessel, it can turn almost any vessel of suitable size into an oil recovery unit.

MaxiBagger is unique in its capability of collecting also light oils from the water efficiently. This is made possible by the brush design and the unique, patended SeaHow oil scraper. The SmartSacker system replaces the need for fixed tanks. Collecting the oil into sacks makes the vessel tank capacity virtually unlimited and enables a high actual oil recovery capacity.

When not in use, MaxiBagger can be stored ashore. In cases of emergency it is easy and quick to install. The system is ready for operation within minutes of arriving at the scene.

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