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Maximus System


The dewatering system consists of the Alfa Laval G2-120 decanter centrifuge mounted in our 53' air ride, triple axle semi-trailer. The trailer contains the  sludge conditioning equipment, chemical enhancement system and solids handling equipment.  Control of the system is from a climate controlled room  located at the front of the trailer. The trailer is divided  into two sections: the front section is an insulated lined  container housing the control room, skid mounted sludge  conditioning equipment and enhancement system.

The rear section of the trailer houses the skid mounted  centrifuge, solids handling equipment and tank. The rear  section of the Maximus trailer is a curtain sided area that  operates bi-directionally, allowing access to the centrifuge from the sides.

The roof features a curtain top which rolls forward in order to  facilitate easy access to the top of the Alfa Laval G2-120  centrifuge allowing for quick removal for servicing. The solids  handling equipment is designed such that it can deliver solids  into a container up to 12' high, which allows loading of the roll off truck and trailer (for conveying to the solids storage  area).

THE MAXIMUS SYSTEM is a custom built fully mobile  semi-trailer which features a special stainless steel frame  shelter/curtain combination. The curtain sides eliminate the  need for roll-up doors, a skylight and side door. The aluminum diamond plate floor was built with 304 stainless splash guards  for spill containment.

General Specifications
O.A Length: I 1 53' 0'
(24 11' Rigid Front 128' 01' Curtainside Rear)

O.A. Width: 102'
(100'3/4' X Main Frame Width: Side Rail to Side Rail)

O.A Height: 13'6' (162')

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