- Airjection Injectors for Aerating Soil



Most growers know our Venturi Injectors as the industry leader for chemigation and fertigation systems. Mazzei also offers the best system to put air (oxygen and nitrogen) directly to the root zone. Plant roots need air to breathe — without it, soil can become anaerobic, inhibiting plant growth and yield. Mazzei AirJection Irrigation technology improves crop yields, water use efficiency and fertilizer inputs by getting just the right amount of air into the root zone.

It uses patented, high-efficiency Venturi AirJectors™ that are simple to install and maintain in subsurface irrigation systems. When added to the drip line, these Venturi injectors incorporate atmospheric air into the irrigation water optimally blending air and water so the right mixture is delivered to the root zone. Commercial on-farm use showed yields increased from 13% to 35% due to improved plant and soil conditions.

  • Increases crop yield, root mass, leaf area, sugar content, germination and fruit density
  • Allows earlier season harvest and improves late season production
  • Increases root mass results in greater nutrient uptake, better fertilizer use efficiency and reduced fertilizer application rates
  • Creates a better soil environment that increases beneficial microbial activity in the soil which improves growing conditions
  • Reduces plant stress
  • Increases infiltration rates
  • Improves water use efficiency
  • Ideal for all soil types, including high salt soil
  • Increases plant’s salinity tolerance

The MAI-Series is a high efficiency air injection manifold that is installed at the turn out valve of the block.

  • The MAI adapts to larger irrigation blocks
  • Good for use with irregular shaped fields
  • Ideal for use with oval hose or lay flat delivery systems that have maximum operating pressures below 25 psi
  • Easier to manage and maintain
  • The MAI can be used as a pressure regulator
  • The MAI must be used when using drip tape with pressure compensating emitters
  • Air relief valves must be installed at the ends of the distribution system

Injector models are designed for various water flows. Based on your system parameters, our engineers can assist with injector selection and AirJection system design.

  • Subsurface drip irrigation
  • Water flow must be 1 GPM – 8 GPM per drip line (3.8 LPM – 30.3 LPM)
  • Terrain must be level to moderately sloped

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