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- Pressure-Compensating and Non-Drain On-Line Drippers



MBTECH meets all the qualities of a pressure-compensating and no-drain dripper just in one punched dripper, providing each plant with a constant flow independently from the pressure. It is an ideal dripper for crops that requires a maximum precision for fertigation. Models: 2L - 3L - 4L - 8L - 12L.

Maximum Control. High Uniformity
Savings on installation and maintenance costs

Wide range of working pressures, maximizing the advantages of irrigation; optimizing costs, saving fertilizers and obtaining the maximum profitability.

MBTECH savings in installation design due to simplification in the dimensioning.

Maximum Performance

Mbtech Nd: No-Drain System

  • Pressure-Compesating dripper that maintains the flow constant in a wide range of pressure.
  • Prevents the network from discharging once the irrigation is finished.
  • Low at the beginning of irrigation, decreasing the possibility of cavitation.
  • The installation design is economised due to reduction in the safety coefficients in the filtration dimensioning and dosing equipment, etc.

  • For tree-like crop irrigation.
  • For hydroponic crops.
  • Allows to modify the separation between the emission points.
  • For installations with irrigation areas on terraces or with abrupt topography.

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