Corrosion Cops

Corrosion Cops

- Model 2023 - Two Component System



MCI-2023 is a two component system incorporating Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors (MCI) that forms a cement slurry for the protection of reinforcing steel and metals. The resulting slurry has good adhesion to the substrate, high durability and abrasion resistance, stops corrosion and forms an effective barrier against penetration of water and water dissolved salts. MCI-2023 powder formulation is based on hydraulic binders and complexing and osmotic agents, which all provide a high degree of passivation. The resin consists of a water-based emulsion of organic polymers.

  • Offers engineers, owners, contractors, DOTs and government agencies a time-proven corrosion inhibiting technology that will extend the life of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Applies quickly and easily by brush
  • Has excellent adhesion to the substrate along with excellent durability
  • Provides protection to the reinforcing steel from oxidizing agents
  • Has the ability to migrate through concrete structures and seek out the steel reinforcing bars and other metal members embedded in the concrete
  • Once cured, MCI-2023 becomes water-repellent and forms an effective barrier against the penetration of water soluble salts

  • MCI-2023 is recommended to protect steel reinforcing prior to restoration with MCI or other repair mortars.
  • It is especially useful in areas with little concrete coverage of the reinforcing steel, which are subject to sodium chlorides (salts) and carbonation attack.

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