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Liquid Solid Separators, and variations such as Rotary Drums, separate manure into two components - a thicker portion of concentrated manure solids and a less concentrated liquid portion. Dairy producers can use Rotary Drums to separate solids from the manure stream for a variety of reasons including regulatory compliance, nutrient management, ease of manure application, or to produce flume or sand separation make-up water.

The Liquid Solid Separator's unique modular design can be custom engineered to meet the specific manure separation requirements of most any dairy operation, including those with existing Sand Separation Systems. McLanahan Rotary Drums will remove up to 35 percent of the total solids (TS) based on the manure TS and screen selection. They improve water quality for use in sand separation, flush flume supply and land applications.

Designed for safe and simple operation, Liquid Solid Separators are totally enclosed for safe and clean operation. The internally fed rotary screen includes an automated, clean-in-place system that keeps it operating at peak performance.

McLanahan spent over six months field-testing a full-scale Rotary Drum before bringing it to market. With information gathered from this testing, the company has accurately generated capacity and efficiency charts for appropriate sizing and selection of screens.

  • Customized performance with interchangeable perforated, mesh or combination screens
  • Totally enclosed system for a safe and clean operation
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Removable drum
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Efficient drive system
  • Clean-in-place system
  • Shaft-mounted urethane trunnion wheels with triple sealed bearings

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