- Model 272 - High Throughput f/2 Monochromator



The Model 272 monochromator contains a large, 100-mm diameter diffraction grating. This guarantees a large solid angle of light collection. The gratings corrected design reduces optical aberrations. This improves the spectral resolution of this high throughput optical system. The Model 272 is a versatile research grade monochromator. It delivers high throughput and moderate spectral resolution. Usable in any attitude, standard features of much larger McPherson monochromators have found home in this high efficiency f/2 monochromator.

  • Fast f/2 Optical System
  • Wavelength Range from 185-nm to NIR
  • Aberration Corrected Grating
  • Use for Scanning or Array Detection

  • Optical Design : Normal Incidence
  • Focal Length : 200 mm
  • Aperture Ratio : f/2 (NA 0.5)
  • Wavelength Range : refer to grating of interest for range
  • Wavelength Accuracy : 2nm (on mechanical counter with 1200g/mm grating)
  • Wavelength Reproducibility : 0.1nm (with 1200g/mm grating)
  • Grating Size : 104mm diameter
  • Slits : Continuously variable micrometer actuated width 0.01 to 4 mm, height settings from 2 to 20 mm
  • Angle between Entrance and Exit beams : 38 degrees
  • Focal Plane : 25mm, multiply dispersion by the width of your detector for range

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