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'MCS Ailsa' was bought by Maritime Craft Services (Clyde) Ltd. in October 2003. The addition of this jumbo multi-cat increased the ability of the company to offer a wider spread of support to the dredging and marine construction industries. The plan dimensions of 42 metres by 14.5 metres give the vessel ample deck space providing room for the equipment necessary for modern diving operations. In addition, the physical size of the vessel results in a more stable platform extending the vessel's ability to continue working when sea conditions worsen.

  • Large deck area
  • 11 knots cruising speed
  • Good seakeeping abilities
  • 240 tonne metre hydraulic crane
  • 22 tonnes bollard pull
  • Good manoeuvrability with bow thruster

Despite her size 'MCS Ailsa' has an unloaded draft of only 1.34 metres and a loaded draft of 2.00 metres when she is carrying her maximum cargo load of 830 tonnes.

The power output from her GM engines of  2,000 BHP gives her a bollard pull of 22 tonnes and a free running speed of 11 knots. Superlative manoeuvring ability is achieved with the assistance of a 175 HP bow thruster.

'MCS Ailsa' is equipped forward with a massive 240 tonne metre hydraulic crane with the ability to lift 55 tonnes at 3.5 metres radius (i.e.over bow or side) out to 16 tonnes at 11.8 metres radius and also has two 50 tonne hydraulic winches installed for towing or anchor handling.

Recently Maritime Craft Services (Clyde) Ltd. have successfully operated this vessel on a number of projects. One involved placing 16 tonne rock mattresses on the seabed in 16 metres of water and another as a diver support vessel dismantling an outfall pipeline.

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