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- Model CMK5 - Gas Analysis Calibration System



Several components can be calibrated sequentially. Reasonably priced system for measuring stations and laboratories. Concentration is set with keyboard, the required flow ratio is calculated internally. Several concentrations can be preset for a multi-point calibration and controlled or viewed via remote control or keyboard.

  • The calibration system serves the mandatory zero and end point verification of gas analyzers, especially those in automated measuring networks.
  • The zero and end points are verified with a signal from the measuring network computer; the calibration can also be activated with the keyboard at the front of the CMK.

Special features:

  • The CMK system can sequentially calibrate several different components (analyzers). This saves costs for additional equipment and installation site.
  • Multipoint calibration with presetting of several mixing ratios for each component

Span gas generation method

  • Gas dilution* (mass flow control)
  • Permeation*
  • Ozone generator*
  • Gas phase titration* (ozone in span gas mixture)

* based on the utilized modules - different modules can also be integrated into a system

Concentration adjustment
Up to seven concentration levels can be preset for each component using the keyboard.

Max. span gas flow
20 l/min

Via external contacts/open collector or optionally via RS232; manual control with keyboard

Case dimensions
19' 4RU

Additional functions
Switching of span gas exits between operating modes Measuring / Zeroing / Calibrating

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