Umwelttechnik MCZ GmbH

- Model MicroPNS - Gas Collector



Control system for time or volume controlled gas sampling. Control system for the automated collection of gases and particles on adsorption tubes, wash-bottles, or filters. Application areas include emission/immission measurements, TLV value monitoring, landfill gas sampling.

The control program has a modular structure and, with an optional sampling switching, can log up to 8 sequential samples (optionally up to 16). The control program is freely parameterized and allows fully automatic, unattended operation.

  • Internal computer controls programs and physically calculates correct sampling volume
  • Program sequences are controlled in real-time with internal clock
  • Choose time or volume sampling
  • Expandable with sampling switcher and different measuring heads

Case dimensions
19 inch tabletop case or rack mount

Gas flow

  • with internal pump: 150 to 1,500 ml/min
  • with external pump: up to 50 l/min

water separator/permeation dryer

Connected load
220 V 50 Hz (battery buffer for programs and log data)


  • adapter for different adsorption tubes
  • different sampling heads matching the application scope
  • switching module for up to eight (optionally 16) samples

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