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- Model MK5 BNT - Modular Gas Analysis Calibration System



Calibration system especially suitable for mobile use as a transfer standard between different measuring stations. Mains power operated (220 Vac), standby mode via internal battery or 12 Vdc motor vehicle on board power supply. Manual presetting of gas flow using 10 turn-potentiometers. Gas flow control via mass flow controller.

System Description:

Modular calibration system primarily designed as transfer standard to synchronize analyzers in different measuring stations. Transport of the span gas cylinders normally used as transfer standard is unnecessary when using a permeation oven.

Special Features:

The calibration system has an internal battery and a connection for a motor vehicle onboard plug (12 Vdc) to buffer important functions (e.g., permeation temperature, purge flow). However, a regular power supply connection (220 Vac) is required for the calibration operation. An integrated standby pump is used for the purge flow.

Span gas generation method

  • Gas dilution* (mass flow control)
  • Permeation*
  • Ozone generator*
  • Gas phase titration* (ozone in span gas mixture)
  • Vapor saturation*
  • Continuous injection*

* based on the utilized modules - different modules can also be integrated into a system

Concentration Adjustment
Manual setting of nominal values with potentiometers for gas flow, temperature (in case of permeation or vapor saturation), UV intensity (ozone generator)

Case dimensions
19' 4RU

Additional data concerning this calibrations system available upon request.

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