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- Static Volumetric Injection According to ISO 6144



Mixing chamber (injection chamber) to inject a known volume of a component to generate a gas mixture with known concentration. The process is the primary standard to generate gas mixtures to calibrate gas analyzers. The development was for the most part carried out by the National EU Clean Air Reference Lab, a division of the Federal Environmental Agency, and is documented in ISO 6144 as a standard.

  • Span gas generation with static injection
  • Primary standard acc. to ISO 6144 and VDI 3490
  • Simple logging/documentation with lab information system management software IC-LIMS-2001

The mixing chamber features sensors for the precise determination of the temperature and pressure. The values of the sensors can be directly imported to the laboratory information and management software IC-LIMS-2001.

Span gas generation method:

Injection of a known volume of a pure component into a known volume of carrier gas.

Concentration adjustment:

By varying the volume of the injected component.


Additional data concerning static volumetric injection available upon request.

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