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- Reference Lab for Quality Assurance and Interlaboratory Testing



PC-controlled multipoint multi-component span gas generation for up to 32 measuring stations or 25 m³ span gas / hour. Up to 16 bottled span gases can be connected and mixed into one span gas. An ozone generator can be integrated to generate ozone span gas or for gas phase titration with ozone.

  • Complete, stationary lab system with up to 32 measuring stations and a span gas range of up to 25 m³ /h, control and data collection via PC
  • For generating span gas, interlaboratory testing with several analyzers, and for quality assurance in research, production, and measuring networks
  • Program-controlled span gas setting and dampening
  • Recording of measured data from participating analyzers
  • Software to output the test run logs

The span gas can be set to a defined humidity using an optimal humidifying module.

Characteristic linearity lines are logged and saved in the system for precise gas mixing with a large dynamic.

The measured values of the analyzers to be tested can be logged and saved with an integrated data logging module. The measured data can be transferred to the system in an analog or digital (via RS232) manner.

The test sequences are entered as control instructions and then run without user input. The program sequences and the responses of the components being tested are visualized on the monitor. The log for the test sequence is saved together with the recorded measured values and can then be printed directly on a printer. An export function supports transferring the data to a quality management or evaluation software for additional processing.

Span Gas Generation Method

  • Gas mixture* (bottled span gas with zero carrier gas)
  • Ozone generator*
  • Gas phase titration*
  • Permeation*
  • Vapor saturation*

** Based on the utilized modules - different modules can also be integrated into a system

Concentration Adjustment

Fully automatic via control software

Max. Span Gas Flow

25 m³ / h (other values upon request)

Case Dimensions

Designed as 19' case rack, gas supply to measuring stations via ring line

Additional Functions

  • Defined dampening of the span gas
  • Ozone concentration adjusted with external reference analyzer. The UV intensity to generate ozone is then controlled with a software PID controller.


Additional data concerning this system available upon request.

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