- Model MD-ROBOT - External Cleaning Robot



The external water-jetting robot Mod. RIE is used to clean the shell side of the tube bundles in petrochemical plants. It is extremely efficient and, in combination with the internal water-jetting robot model RII, it reduces the shutdown time while increasing production.


The machine is operated and controlled by operating personnel and is equipped with a series of mechanisms that allow the shell side of the tube bundles to be easily cleaned.

The components of the RIE robot are:

  • A Solid Frame Support where the washing system is installed;
  • A Trolley where the cleaning lance is positioned on a track which reaches the whole length both vertically and longitudinally of the shell side tube bundle to be cleaned;
  • Two Rollers where the tube bundle is positioned for cleaning. One of these is motorized to rotate the tube bundle so that the lance of the IRE robot can reach all the external parts to be cleaned.

Functioning of RIE

  • First Phase : a crane positions the tube bundle on the two rollers resting the flange on the motorised roller. The operator uses the controls to align the tube bundle and starts the water jet with the trolley moving longitudinally along the bundle.
  • Second Phase : before the returning phase of the lance the operator rotates the tube bundle with the motorised roller using the controls. In this way the water jet is ready to clean another shell side part of the tube.

The process is repeated until all the shell side of the tubes have been cleaned.

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