- Model MD-ROBOT - Internal Cleaning Robot



The Internal Cleaning Robot, Mod. RII, is used in the petrochemical plants to clean tube bundles internally; extremely efficient; less shutdown time is necessary and increases production.


The cleaning robot is operated and controlled by an operator in a safety cabin and has a series of movements that make it simple to clean the tube bundles.

The components of the RII robot are:

  • A Platform similar to a scissor-style bridge which when raised is able to clean large dimensions of tube bundles. The platform always remains level with the tube bundle aided by four hydraulic cylinders;
  • A Track equipped with five washing lances which can move along the platform both transversally and longitudinally with extreme facility reaching all the tubes that are to be cleaned;
  • Two Rollers on which the tube bundles are positioned for cleaning. One of these is motorised to rotate the tube bundle and to position it in front of the cleaning robot perfectly.

Functioning of RII

  • First Phase: a crane positions the tube bundles on the two rollers resting the flange on the motorized roller. The operator first levels the RII robot using the controls inside the safety cabin aligning the lances with the tubes to be cleaned. The motorized roller is then rotated with the controls by the operator so as to position the tubes in axis with the laces of the robot.
  • Second Phase: the five lances positioned on the track clean the tubes by means of a water jet. The track is commanded by the operator who positions it in front of the first five tubes to be cleaned. At this point the water jet is started and the trolley pushes the lances inside the tubes to be cleaned.

The process is repeated until all the inside of the tubes have been cleaned.

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