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Measuring of Process Values



For the measuring of process-values as pH-value, redox or Cl2 different designs of measuring systems are characterized by high measuring accuracy. A measuring device typically consists of an electrode – integrated in a fitting – as well as of an associated measuring transmitter. A selection of the devices depending on the application is possible on request.

The electrode is directly in contact with the measuring liquid. Due to electro-chemical and physical effects the electrode
gives an electric measuring signal whose value is depending on the concentration of the value to be measured. A selection of the electrodes is made depending on the application.

The fittings hold and protect the electrodes. They allow a proper assembly in tanks, basins and pipes. According to the
application in the basic design a distinction is made between dip-in and flow fittings. The basic designs are available
in different variations depending on the application.

Measuring amplifier
The measuring amlifiers transform the measuring signal of the electrodes into an appropiate display or output signal. The device is available in the housing variations: assembly housing or wall-mounted housing. Optionally, integrated limit- or control contacts are available.

Magnetic inductive flow meter
For flow measuring with a min. conductivity of 5µs/cm. Proportionally to the flow a 0,4..20mA signal and a pulse signal are available.

Mass flow meter
For the measuring with high media accuracy without conductivity. Proportionally to the flow a 0/4..20mA signal and a pulse signal are available. The device is available in standard design made of stainless steel. Other designs are available on request.

Calorimetric flow controller
Useable for capacity control of dosing pumps for all common media. For the material designs please see attached list.

Level limit switch designed as vibration limit switch
For the use at metal or plastic tanks. The limit switches is directly in contact with the medium. They operate on the surface independently of sediments on the surface.

Level limit switch designed as capacitive promiximty switch
For the use at plastic tanks. The limit switches are not directly in contact with medium and can be used with nearly all aggressive media.

Continuous level measuring
Designed as ultrasonic-level meter. Proportionally to the level the device supplies a 0/4..20mA signal and can be used for level heights up to 5 m.

Universal industry controller
For integration in the front of a control panel. For the set up of a control circuit the controller can be designed as continous controller or 3-point stepp controller. Depending on the defined set value a process value, as for example  pH-value, can be controlled with a combination of controller, actuator and dosing pump or controller, frequency converter and dosing pump.

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