Mechanical Biological Sewage Treatment Plants



We supply mechanical-biological WWTPs in a wide range of capacities with their technical and technological solutions tailored to customer requirements.

Depending on the size and location of WWTP we offer:

  • Wastewater treatment in concrete tanks;
  • Compact prefabricated (container) WWTP.

Different systems of biological treatment are applied:

  • Low loaded activated sludge process with selector and pre-denitrification;
  • R-D-N processes (regeneration-denitrification-nitrification);
  • Semi-continuous treatment systems (SBR);
  • Biological nutrients removal.

Minimum requirements for area, sensitive integration of the object to the existing environment, possibility to choose roofed or underground structure (it means odourless with no harmful emissions, low noise level) - these are just some of the many advantages of our plant.

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