- Model CD ONE TRP - Sealed Register and Dry Dial Single Jet Water Meter



Compact meter, ideally suited for submetering or for high-performance metering applications. Size: 15 mm (Q3 2.5 m3/h), 20 mm (Q3 4 m3/h) and 25 mm (Q3 6.3 m3/h). For cold or warm water (T30, T50 and T30/T90). R ≤ 250 H, R ≤ 100 V. Mechanical drive. Available in a pre-equipped version for reed switch or static bidirectional pulser. The pulsed version can be equipped with an M-Bus or radio module. MID approved. Certified for use with potable water (D.M. 174, ACS).

  • Tempered glass lens of adequate thickness (1)
  • The totalizer, the fractional dials, the inscriptions (MID) and the serial number are in a dry compartment and remain always readable (2)
  • The version retrofittable with the pulse emitter maintains both the mineral glass lens and inscriptions
  • The serial number is marked on the dial both in numbers and in bar code format. It is also engraved on the closing ring (3)
  • A non-return valve fitted into the coupling is available upon request
  • Internal components are made of anhygroscopic, anti-scaling and hard-wearing plastic materials
  • Maximum water temperature; 50°C (cold water) and 90°C (hot water)
  • Nominal working pressure: 16 bar
  • Installation: horizontal or vertical. No upstream and downstream straight pipe requirements.
  • Hydraulic tests are carried out at three flow rates (Ql. Q2, Q3) on 100%
  • of the production. Our testing benches comply with standards ISO 4064/3 and ISO 4185 (EN 14154/3) and are approved by a European notified body
  • Hot forged brass body
  • Hot forged closing ring
  • Stainless steel numbered drums' shaft
  • Inlet strainer with wide straining area                          w

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