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Medi Odor Out



The Effective Solution to Healthcare Odors. Medi Odor Out is a ready to use 100% natural solution made with plant essence oils. Medi Odor Out neutralizes even the most offensive odors on contact by bonding with odor molecules. Use Medi Odor Out as an air freshener in hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes, and home healthcare to eliminate all organic odors including urine, feces, vomit, tissue decay, and smoke. In addition to freshening the air, Medi Odor Out has a unique ability to penetrate porous materials such as fabrics, carpet, wood, and wallboard to reach imbedded odors. Medi Odor Out may be sprayed directly on porous surfaces or used as an additive to wash water for hard surfaces. Medi Odor Out is compatible with germicidal cleaners.

  • 4 ounce sprayer - 48 to a case
  • 8 ounce sprayer - 24 to a case
  • 22 ounce sprayer - 12 to a case
  • 32 ounce refill - 12 to a case
  • 1 gallon refill - 4 to a case

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