Medicinal Gases



The SOL Group produces and distributes to hospitals MEDICINAL GASES whose quality is in conformity with the specifications of the Italian and European Official Pharmacopoeia. In compliance with Legislative Decrees 178/91 and 538/92, SOL is authorised by the Ministry of Health to produce and distribute all the MEDICINAL GASES and applies to all its production processes in the whole of Europe the Good Manufacturing Practice rules, in conformity with Directive 91/356/EEC. The SOL Group boasts an over 50 year-long experience in the supply of MEDICINAL GASES to the public and private hospital field. Over the years, this partnership has identified the new needs of the industry to which SOL responds by studying and developing new special services and technologies. Among SOL's clients there are some of the most important European hospitals, with which the company has established a relation based on maximum co-operation and on the search for the highest and safest level of service.

5' Diameter
Tungsten handle tip with 5 point loft

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