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- Model M012C-1 - An Advanced Bench-Top Non-Destructive Leak Detection System



An advanced bench-top non-destructive leak detection system for testing single sachets, pouches, flow wraps and most non-porous packaging.

The MediTEST operates on the established principle of measuring the reactive force generated by a pack when subjected to a vacuum. The change in this force is an indication of pack integrity.

A self adjusting sensor system reduces the requirement for any specialist tooling.

Modular and flexible design allows the system to be optimised for each product application. This maximises sensitivity and minimises test time.

The MediTEST employs a PC based virtual instrument control system, featuring a touch screen HMI. This provides easy to read results indications and graphical test data to aid analysis.

Test results can be output to a printer or saved in a batch data file.

Test and meta-data can be stored in compliance with 21 CFR Pt 11.

  • Non-destructive.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Self-adjusting sensor.
  • Front loading, for ease of operation.
  • Highly sensitive – can detect down to 10μm.
  • Short test cycle time – as low as 10 seconds.
  • No special tooling required.

  • Pharmaceutical sachets (powders).
  • Medical test strips.
  • Medical device packs (non-porous).
  • Modified atmosphere packs.
  • Pillow packs.
  • Flow wraps.
  • Production and Laboratory environments.

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