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Pipe Classification of HDPE100-RC PIPE; There is several combination of material for pipe production what allow HDPE 100-RC material and this combination exceed the minimum requirements applicable for HDPE 100.

Type 1: Full Wall Pipes Made of HDPE100 RC
Single-wall full-wall pipes made of HDPE 100-RC as defined in ISO 4065. This pipes can be made in full color blue for water or orange for gas or brown for sewage or black pipe and colour-strip according application which are also made of HDPE 100 RC materials.

HDPE100 RC Multilayer Sewage- Slurry Pipes- on request can be produced RC multilayer pipe for disposal pipelines (gravity pipelines) produced in light colored inner layer to allow and easier camera inspection for mining application or disposal of other high abrasive media. Pipes can be supplied as 6 m and 12 m straight pipes or coil up to 125 mm in 100m length. Further dimensions on request.

For the past few decades, plastic piping has been a widely accepted material for use in mining applications for pumping slurries and other materials. When it comes to selecting pipe materials for this industry , the two most important factors to consider are safety and reliability. Mega-Therm RC HDPE pressure pipe ranges are performance proven to meet the demanding conditions of numerous applications in the mining industry. These plastic piping systems are designed according to International Standard specifications to endure rugged terrains, extreme climates and transportation to the mining site. The low mass, flexibility, ease of installation and exceptional impact strength, as well the chemical and corrosion resistance properties make plastic piping the preferred choice among specifiers, engineers and contractors.

Ulkumen Ardila’ s dedication to heading up the industry with cu7ng edge solutions ensures maximum integrity for even the most ground-breaking projects. What Ulkumen Ardila provide, however , is not just the supply of quality plastic piping materials, but a complete service offering which includes professional advice and on-site technical support to ensure that the project is carried out successfully from start to finish, according to best practice installation methods.

High quality material for cost effective installationComparison of HDPE100 to HDPE100-RC

1. Product Description
The targeted utilisation of further developed product characteristics - resistance to slow crack growth - ensures the fulfilment of all requirements of modern and economic pipe laying. The manufacturing process ensures a service life of more than 100 years even with unconventional pipe laying (without sand bedding).
All characteristics of the raw material HDPE 100 proven over many years are also fulfilled by HDPE 100-RC, e.g. MRS 10. The only but significant difference is the outstanding resistance of HDPE 100-RC to stress cracking. Processing, particularly the joining technique, is subject to the same conditions. Welding (e.g. heating element bu9 welding) is governed by guideline DVS 2207-1 for HDPE 100-RC as well and possible without any restrictions.


PE 100 RC class materials and the most advanced plastic processing ensure the highest reliability of the product.

  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High stress crack resistance
  • Good resistance to point loads (e. g. stones, fragments) (Dr . Hessel's test)
  • High resistance to slow crack growth
  • Optimal choice for pipe-laying without sand embedding and backfill
  • Excavated soil to be used as backfill material
  • Can be used for trenchless pipe-laying
  • Can be bu9-welded, ERW , poly fusion welded or connected mechanically
  • Compatible with classic HDPE pipes

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