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- The heavy-duty industrial lifter for bins up to 750kg


MegaDumper bin tippers provide a heavy-duty industrial solution for emptying large bins at weights of up to 750kg. The MegaDumper is based on the proven design of the Simpro Dumpmaster and is probably the most reliable, safe and easy-to-use industrial bin tipper available. The MegaDumper is the largest of the Simpro bin tipper range, and since its introduction in 1998 has proven to be remarkably reliable in even the most demanding of environments. Some factories have used MegaDumpers as an integral part of their production workflow for nearly 20 years with little or no maintenance. Originally designed for tipping 660 and 1100 litre bins weighing up to 750kg, the MegaDumper can tip at any height from 700mm to over 5 metres, and comes standard with a suite of safety features including full-cage guarding.

Cradle TypeWidthLengthTipping heightHeight (Frame < 300kg)Height (Frame > 450kg)
Types A & BMegaDumper A/B Cradle 1900mm 1350mm 1200mm 2850mm 2935mm
1500mm 3150mm 3235mm
1800mm 3450mm 3535mm
Tip Height (T) T+1650mm T+1735mm
Types C & EMegaDumper C/E Cradle 1900mm 1600mm 1200mm 2945mm 3045mm
1500mm 3245mm 3345mm
1800mm 3545mm 3645mm
Tip Height (T) T+1745mm T+1845mm

Motor TypeSupply VoltagePowerCurrent DrawControl Voltage
1-phase Utilises a 3-phase motor and Variable Speed Drive (VSD) 24vdc
3-phase 400vdc - 430vdc 0.75kW 1.9 Amps 24vdc
Battery 24vdc 0.80kW 60 Amps 12vdc
Air Air-powered machines have no electrically operated components

The MegaDumper is a development of Simpro's tried and tested Dumpmaster product, and supports the same huge range of options for custom requirements. A selection is listed below, or you can view the complete Dumpmaster Options page here.

  • Standard Safe Working Load (SWL) of 600kg. Higher capacities an be engineered on request.
  • Tipping heights from 800mm to over 7m.
  • Power supply: 1-phase, 3-phase, battery, or compressed air.
  • Cradles available to suit all common industrial containers including Nally Bins, EuroBins, MGBs, Drums, stainless mixing bowls and many more. Custom cradles can be designed for unique applications.
  • Full or partial stainless steel construction for hygiene-critical or corrosive environments.
  • Frame-mounted chute for situations where the machine cannot be placed right against the skip or hopper.
  • Optional standards certification including ANZ4024:2014 up to PLe (Cat4), and CE Certification. Certified machines include a double interlock door, electronic evaluation unit, and additional guarding panels.
  • Solar power option for battery-powered units.
  • Digital scales.
  • Auto-cycle and other programmable behaviours.
  • Guarding: 25mm steel mesh or sheet metal.
  • Mounting: Castor wheels or bolt-down lugs.

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