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Membrane Bio-reactors (MBR)


An MBR installation combines the biological processes of the sludge activation process with the solid-liquid separation achieved through the use of membranes. This results in higher purification capacity due to the physical barrier presented by the membrane to solid materials and bacteria.

There are a number of ways in which the membranes can be installed in the MBR system. We have decided in favour of the most efficient – and that is immersed membranes. They are located directly in the flow of the waste water to be filtered (bioreactor). The aerator located at the bottom introduces oxygen into the bioreactor, causing carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds to decompose. The increased speed of the flow between the membrane plates causes the membrane surface to be cleaned.

The contaminated water that is cleaned in this way flows from the outside, through the membrane, into the inside, where it is withdrawn through the permeate collection duct by a negative pressure of about 0.1 bar. Bacteria, solid particles and even viruses are physically held back due to the low pore size of only 0.05 µm.

We adapt our MBR equipment individually to your needs. They can be combined with other water systems such as ion exchangers, vacuum or reverse osmosis units, and contribute to an improvement in the overall water management concept. If the demands placed on existing waste water treatment plant tighten, the existing system can easily be extended by an MBR.

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