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- Model 6-52 - Membrane Distillation Compact Unit


The modular concept allows for the adoption of the modules to different volume fl ows,  heat availabilities and other application specifi c requirements. This can be achieved by  jointing basic elements called frames into blocks forming the structure for different  functionalities required by the process. Multiple modules can be combined in a parallel  confi guration to create larger units which than are integrated into a system

Standard unit with steam raiser, 6 effects and condenser and a total of 52 m² membrane surface and a GOR of 4 to 5.  Can run in parallel to create higher volumes.

Compact plant on a skid or in container using one or several memDist 6-52 modules Includes controls, all pumps and a standard interfaces.

Efficient process
The memsys modules use micro porous PTFE membranes within a thermal process under vacuum allowing high energy effi ciency through multiple recovery of energy and low operating temperatures.

The memsys frame
The patented memsys frames are produced by automated PP injection molding and perform different functions within the memsys process.

The central main spacer can be covered either with

  • membranes to allow the transfer of steam out of heated feed water or
  • poly propylene foil (20 Mikron) enabling excellent heat transfer at condensation of steam on the foil to thefeed water behind it.

Multiple openings around the central spacer area create ducts for different routing of liquids in the process. That comprises heating and cooling media fl ow, feed water supply, brine disposal and the collection of the final product. Other openings allow for ducting of produced steam or inertial gases and vacuum generation.

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