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- Cutting-Edge Sensor System for Liquid Analysis



Memosens technology revolutionizes liquid analysis technology. It converts the measured value to a digital signal and transfers it inductively to the transmitter, eliminating the problems associated with moisture and corrosion – the sensors could even be operated under water! With signal alarms in the event of transmission disruption, Memosens offers the maximum in safe data transfer for increased availability of the measuring point and safe, trouble-free processes.

  • Eliminate measurement errors: non-contact digital data transmission avoids the effects of moisture, corrosion and salt bridges with alert messaging if the signal transmission is disturbed.
  • EMC safety guaranteed: galvanic isolation ensures interference-free measurement.
  • User-friendly operation: calibration under favorable lab conditions, lockable bayonet connector, plug & play with automatic sensor recognition.
  • Reduced operating costs: Simple sensor exchange using pre-calibrated sensors reduces process downtime and regular regeneration extends sensor lifetime.
  • Data management at its best: storage of calibration, sensor and process data facilitates more precise process management and optimized maintenance strategy (predictive and preventive maintenance).

Memosens digital sensors store calibration, sensor and process data allowing calibration and regeneration under lab conditions for increased sensor life and minimal process downtime during maintenance. Simple sensor exchange in the field can be performed in seconds thanks to the lockable bayonet connector and automatic sensor identification. The stored data can be used for predictive maintenance and process optimization.

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