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The 3000 litre Merlin can now boast one of the most user friendly, practical and quiet cabs available in the sprayer market. Superb road holding and excellent traction in the field combines to make a superb application. Layout of the steering and controls is very user friendly. A foot throttle and brake increase the driver awareness. Vision of the boom operation is excellent from the cab. Booms are is sizes 26 meters to 36 meters.

In conjunction with the user community, Househam engineers have developed Househam's own dedicated electronic rate controller. TMC (Total Machine Control) integrates many functions into one simple to use touch screen console. Add this to the FieldMaster GPS system, which was also designed and developed in-house, and you have a truly effective and efficient machine for chemical or liquid fertiliser application.

A class leading ride on road or in field is achieved with the use of the Househam Air Ride load sensing air suspension system. This system is one of the character defining attributes which has become synonymous with a Househam sprayer. Even weight distribution and a low centre of gravity ensures stability whatever the terrain and generous ground clearance means minimum crop damage.

MERLIN sprayers are also available with a range of advanced technologies designed to maximise application accuracy and your productivity. These include Auto Nozzle Select (ANS), ultra sonic Boom Height Control and the Spray Pilot hydraulically controlled hands-free steering system.

Power comes from ultra-reliable and fuel-efficient CAT 6 cylinder engines (ranging from 170-225hp depending on model). Spray tank capacity can be specified in either 4000, 5000 or 6000 litre variants and boom sizes range from a 24 metre twin-fold to a 36 metre triple-fold. A triple fold boom arrangement is available from 28 metres.

For more information or to arrange your demonstration please don't hesitate to call on 01400 276 050 or send an enquiry at the bottom of this page.

MERLIN - Models M4, M5 and M6

Key Facts & Figures
  • Spray tank capacity 4000, 5000 or 6000 litres*
  • Dry weight from 8360kg**
  • Total Machine Control (TMC) with FieldMaster GPS mapping system
  • 13/24m flat fold steel boom with fixed incline and centre pivot back frame as standard
  • Triple fold system with hydraulic incline on boom options from 30m to 36m
  • 170hp or 225hp CAT Turbo Diesel engine*
  • 200 or 300 litre fuel tank*
  • 400 litre GRP clean water tank
  • 1m unobstructed underbody clearance
Engine & Chassis
  • 1.83m – 2.13m manually adjustable axles
  • Foot brake and foot throttle
  • Bent axis wheel motors with planetary gearbox
  • Parking brake with integrated control of access ladder
  • 380/85 R34 row crop wheels or 600/65 R28 flotation wheels
  • Cyclone air cleaner
  • Temperature controlled fan speed with auto-reverse function
Spray System & Booms
  • Fully enclosed side mounted spray system with minimum pipework
  • Fully clean system rinsing
  • Altek 4 cylinder 260 litre/min pump
  • Suction filter and flushing pressure filter
  • 19mm stainless steel spray lines
  • Triplet nozzle bodies
  • 30 litre stainless steel hopper with ProClean and ProClean+ rinse jets
  • 4 spray sections

Optional Equipment

  • Boom options up to 36m
  • Hydraulic incline on 24m booms
  • Auto Nozzle Select (ANS)
  • Ultra-sonic Boom Height Control
  • Spray Pilot hydraulic hands-free steering system

* Depending on model selected ** Based on M4 model

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