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With Met-Chem’s system installation, the effluent (liquid from the clarifier, which is virtually free of solids) is then pumped back to the Digester tanks.  The settled solids from the cones of the clarifier are then filtered by a belt filter press and this dried cake, being a bio food waste, is hauled to the area farms to feed the cows

Met-Chem's clarifiers offer these special benefits

  • Unit is Completely Assembled
  • Low Installation
  • Conservative Design 0.2 GPM/Ft2
  • Completely Automatic, Gravity in Gravity Out
  • Reduced Floor Space
  • Large Compartment Floculation Tanks with Mixer for Extra Retention Time

Meets EPA Discharge Limits for Metal Finishing Wastes

How does an inclined parallel plate clarifier work?

The Met-Chem clarifier uses the time proven concept of inclined plate clarification. This type of clarifier uses gravity in conjunction with the projected settling area of the 60o angle parallel plates to settle solids from the pre-treated liquid flow. This treated liquid flows first to the flocculation tank where polymer is added to promote floc growth, then up through the plate pack(s) while the solids settle out to the bottom sludge cones. The clean water flows out through our special laundering troughs to plant discharge or for polishing for water reuse. The solids are intermittently taken from the bottom cone to a filter press for further dewatering.

To establish more effective sludge collection, we would recommend a sludge blow down system.

This sludge blow-down system is designed to monitor the time the Clarifier is in use, i.e. when the pump that feeds the beginning of the gravity flow waste stream leading to the Clarifier, the timer is timing. After the predetermined time has elapsed, the controller will automatically open the discharge valve and activate the discharge pump to the sludge thickening Tank, and then automatically turn off the pump and close the valve. System includes: Sludge Valve, air vale and control panel with timers and cast iron diaphragm pump.

Clarifier Plate Packs
Met-Chem uses inclined parallel plates in both our square and rectangular clarifiers. These plates provide increased settling capacity by reducing the vertical distance a suspended particle must travel.  Plastic plates that are inclined at a 60 degree angle slope upwards in the direction of flow. This structure creates a large number of narrow parallel flow pathways encouraging uniform settling. The stabilized solids collect on the plates, become heavier and slide back down the inclined plate to the bottom of the clarifier cone.

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