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Sludge Dryers manufactured by Met-Chem are designed for small, medium and large quantity sludge generators. These dryers can fit under the filter press for direct loading or can be located elsewhere in the plant.  The sludge is dried by the heated liner of our unit while it is broken-up and circulated by our spiral blade system.  The dryer liner uses indirect heat sources from steam, electric strips or gas fire.  Our preheated airflow system draws the moisture off the top of the internal dryer and out through our wet scrubber system.  After typically 4-6 hours of drying time (depending upon the type and wetness of the sludge) the dried material is removed by simply opening our discharge panel underneath our units for gravity discharge into a container.  Another option is to include a conveyor auger to move the sludge to an elevated container.  You have options depending upon your particular space requirements or restrictions.

Our use of and indirect heat provides an even heating surface and allows for tighter temperature control making it less likely to cause the sludge to burn or smolder.  It also eliminates the danger associated with an open flame.

Typical payback on a Met-Chem Sludge Dryer varies from about 1-2 years depending upon the specific application and existing hauling costs.  A sludge dryer can reduce hauling costs by 50-75%

Sludge Dryer Features and Benefits

  • Uses low cost steam, hot water or gas fire for indirect heat source
  • Available with electric heat as an alternative
  • 1-6 cubic feet sludge capacities available in our Mini-Series with capacity up to 100 cubic feet in our Maxi Series
  • Internal parts are all made of grade 304 stainless steel (316SS is available as an option)
  • Simple control panel allows for easy operation and maintenance
  • Externally mounted pillow block bearings, to keep bearings out of harms way.
  • Temperature is controlled for over temperature protection
  • Stainless steel wet fume scrubber is available as optional equipment (Grade 304)
  • Sludge reduction savings offers an easy pay back on equipment purchase and operating costs
  • Unit dimensions can be altered to fit each individual installation
  • Up to 4 to 1 reduction of sludge volume can be expected

  • Wet Scrubber: The means by which the heated moist air is drawn out of the dryer and out to exhaust. We use a scrubber instead of just a blower is to scrub any airborne particulate prior to exhaust.
  • Automatic Sludge Outlet Control: Operator initiates control on panel to initiate the mechanical opening of the  sludge door.
  • Automatic Lid Control: Much like the automatic sludge control outlet, the operator initiates a device on control panel enabling the lid to slide open automatically.  Dryers also come with a limit switch as a safety measure which locks out the dryer operation until the lid is securely closed.
  • Centralized Grease System:There are many points on a sludge dryer that will require regular greasing. It is critical that each of these points are greased as outlined in the service manual as part of the regular preventative maintenance (PM) function. Ensuring that each point has been greased can be time consuming and it is not uncommon to inadvertently miss a grease point without know it. Missing a step in the PM can void the warranty and cause damage to the equipment and system shutdown. The Met-Chem Centralized Grease System has a grease line each of these critical points. The operator simply pumps grease at the central location. The system includes a grease reservoir, and the hand pump. The number of pumps will vary pending the size of the unit and the number of grease points in the system. This will save time, save money, and possibly save your equipment.
  • Risers to Elevate Unit: Dryers can be elevated to release dried sludge into a larger container for disposal.
  • Discharge Conveyor System: This can be used convey the sludge that is discharged from the dryer to a dumpster for final disposal.
  • Installation: Installation is available for all of our equipment and systems.  Call a Met-Chem sales executive for details.

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