- Powder Antiscalant and Stabilizer


MetaGuard™ powder antiscalant and stabilizer controls inorganic scale, metals and colloids in RO feedwaters, reducing membrane fouling tendencies and minimizing membrane cleaning requirements. It is compatible with all membrane types and system components, ensuring product reliability.As a powder, MetaGuard reduces shipping weight by 96% and shrinks storage space requirements by 95% compared to liquids. It is packaged in 1.8 pound (0.816 kg) and 20-40 pound (9.1+ kg) packages, which are equivalent to 5 gallons (18.9 liters) and 55+ gallons (208.2+ liters) of liquid antiscalant.MetaGuard is easily mixed into solution and maintains performance integrity at extreme pH levels and temperatures. MetaGuard is stable in the presence of multivalent ions such as iron. Furthermore, this product will not precipitate, crystallize, or blind the membrane at high concentrations. Therefore, accidental overdosing will not adversely affect system components or membranes.

MetaGuard contains no phosphates or phosphate derivatives. This unique attribute allows it to perform without contributing to metal precipitation on the membranes. It will not cause biological growth in tanks, piping, or the RO. MetaGuard is typically dosed into feedwaters at the rate of 2-6 ppm of the liquid mixture and it may be injected from the same tank as BioGuard ACS™ anti-microbiological pretreatment.

MetaGuard powder is compliant with ANSI/NSF Standard 60 requirements and may be used on potable water systems.

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